Let D & D Customhouse Brokerage, Inc. help you put the pieces together for all your Customs needs. We are a U.S. Customhouse Broker which can help you with your Customs issues. We specialize in import clearances and try our very best to expedite each and every shipment with care and speed. We are conveniently located near Newark Liberty Airport so that we can clear your air shipments as soon as possible. We are ACE certified by U.S. Customs and are also remote location filer (RLF) approved. This means that we can clear shipments in any U.S. port, and that you only need to contact one office to keep track of your shipment. We will also work with you to get your merchandise where it needs to go in a timely manner.

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D & D Customhouse Brokerage, Inc is one of the first companies eligible to use the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Web-based interface, the Automated Commercial Environment Secure Data Portal or ACE for short. This is very important if you are a importer who pays duties directly to Customs via ACH. The reason is that you can opt to pay U.S. Customs once a month by going on Periodic Monthly Statement.


If you do not have an ACH account number we can help you obtain one. In order to be approved for Periodic Monthly Statement all you need is an ACH account number and a continuous bond. And with our state of the art tracking system you can build your own reports to receive only the most vital information you need to keep track of your shipments.

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